Son of Philip - Rubber Stamp

Music video for Son of Philip – Rubber Stamp released on Wigflex Records.

“When I listened to Rubber Stamp by Son of Philip, the popping envelopes and echoing arpeggios evoked a scene of exploring a reef bed in a rich deep blue ocean. The bubbling filter modulation alongside precise, sculpted synthesis inspired me to create a visual experience which blends flowing nature and ridged man-made edges. I trained a StyleGAN2 machine learning model on a dataset of jellyfish, amoebas and other tentacled sea creatures. The trained model was used to synthesise ‘latent space interpolation’ videos, which morph between different defined visual parameters of the image-generating model. The animations were used to create a generative audio-visual composition which is somewhere between abstract and figurative, nature and machine, documentation and synthesis.”

Duration: 8:15min
Resolution: 2560×1440