Lone - Coming Into Being and Passing Away

Music video for Lone ‘Coming Into Being and Passing Away’. 

‘For ‘Coming Into Being and Passing Away’, Lone described the ambitious idea of expressing ‘dimensional travel’ or a ‘near-death experience’ in an audio-visual format. While this is a deeply personal process that all of us will eventually approach, I wanted to create sensations which I felt represented a fragment of life and it’s ending; or something physical, eluding to the perception of something non-physical.

My primary goal was to create the feeling of movement while remaining stationary. Sometimes light shines out from the depths, a flowing tunnel of tendrils which seems to open and close, a continuous undulation, an oscillating tide with no conclusion. Within the stationary vantage point I hoped to create as much contrast, motion and narrative as possible to succinctly follow the building, gurgling and choking audio details. The flowing shapes at times take on a ‘life’ of their own, sometimes splitting apart and dancing – the remaining sensations of the self clinging on to consciousness. I imagined this aspect of the video as an impression of ‘phosphenes’, an entopic phenomena created when wincing eyes are squeezed shut; or maybe you’re seeing the blood flowing through your retinas; or maybe the colours and shapes are emerging from a cortical source – further down the visual pathway?

Underneath the swelling, pulsing and drifting is an underlying structure, architectural and fractal-like. A deep void which stretches to an unknown depth, emerging into visibility only for brief moments. The walls both build and collapse around you while you move forwards – or is it backwards? The mathematical structure seems majestic, or even omnipotent, yet somehow cold and out of reach, arcing away from you just as it feels  as though it’s getting close.  

The video was created utilising ‘shaders’, mathematical graphics code, which was rendered in real-time. These were combined with feedback processes, synchronised audio-reactivity and human control to create a visual flow which was at the same time controlled and chaotic. ‘

Duration: 6:34
Resolution: 1920×1080